November 30, 2010

Three new Economy Lowercase Block Stamp Sets!

We finally have an Economy Lowercase Block stamp set!

So what is the scoop with the economy versus the high quality? The economy sets are made in China or India. In theory, they may not last as long. That being said, I have had my uppercase set for over 6 years and they are still stamping just fine. The bottom line is, we have tested them and we approve. They stamp well, the images are clear and you can't beat the price!

They make the perfect holiday gift for your stamping pals!!!!

STAY TUNED! We have two new fonts coming out in just a few weeks! A new Beaducation Original set, sure to knock your socks off, and an Old English style font, both in upper and lowercase.

1 comment:

Swati said...

Oh wow!! Is there a waiting list I can sign up for, for the new fonts? I don't want to miss it...want to get them asap!! And can we see what the new fonts look like?