October 4, 2010

We have a winner for the resin giveaway!

According to our random number generator, congrats go out to Cass from Colorado. Cass, if you haven't heard from me already, shoot me an email at kate (at) beaducation (dot) com with your information and we will send your package right out to you!

Cass had commented, "I would love to see etching classes and even some engraving techniques. Love your classes and your blog!!!"

Thanks for your comments. We heard your wishes loud and clear. Etching was by far the most popular request. We are working on a class to launch next year.

We also had quite a few wonderful suggestions in our comments.

Elaine said, "Maybe a class showing different ways to patina metal. I've been reading a lot about Gilders Paste on brass stampings and heard that it can be used to color PMC too. "

Thanks for the great suggestion Elaine. We have a FREE class launching very soon that teaches the fine art of patina using Liver of Sulfur. Also, in our upcoming Resin Foundry class, Debbi Simon touches on using Gilders Paste.

Denise B said, "I would like to learn the Viking knit to use on sea glass."
Denise, we have a great class that is perfect for inserting objects into Viking Knit. Check out Iris Sandkuhler's online class Viking Knit 2: The Cage.

Angie said, "Would love to see a fold forming class!"
Angie, wait no more...fold forming is coming up at the beginning of next year.

A lot of you also asked about soldering. We have three terrific soldering classes. Introduction to Soldering, Simple Soldered Pendant, and Soldered Rings and Bezels. The 'Intro class' teaches a solid base of techniques. 'Simple Soldered' is great for learning to use paste solder and soldering on two colored metals. 'Rings and Bezel's allows making a ring and setting a stone easy and approachable.

We also had some requests for more riveting. Our Introduction to Riveting Class covers a variety of riveting techniques including a ball rivet and tube rivet.

Keep watching the site. We have so many great teachers and classes scheduled in the coming months. Stay tuned next week for the launch of Lisa's new Continuum Earring class.

Thanks for your ideas and contributions. We love to hear your thoughts and take all of your great ideas into consideration. Keep dreaming up new ideas and sending us your comments because we enjoy learning from your creativity!

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