October 28, 2010

Super Simple Stamped Pendant

It's easy to get wrapped up searching for the perfect design.

Thoughts like, "What should I make?" Which design stamp should I use?" "Which fancy blank do I choose?" "What word?..I need a cool word to stamp!!! Hand me the Thesaurus!!"

Just like a scoop of sorbet before the main course, a simple palate-cleanser just might be the thing.

This idea is sure to be popular with your friends or customers. Simple, quick and personalized.

All three blanks can be hung together on the same jump ring or can dangle individually side-by-side.

This design celebrates a baby birth, but you can personalize it to suit your occasion. Here is how to do it.

We used:
1" Sterling Silver Circle 24 g
3/4" Copper Circle 24 g
1/2" Sterling Silver Circle 24g
These three sizes stack together perfectly.

Baby Foot Design Stamp Right
Baby Foot Design Stamp Left
Kismet Upper Case Letter Set
Kismet Lower Case Letter Set
3/32 Upper case High Quality Gothic
4.5mm 18g Sterling Silver Jumprings
Bench Block
1lb brass mallet

Stamp each blank with the name, date and design of your choice. Oxidize and polish the blanks, add a jump ring and hang on a chain.

Helpful Tutorials:
Stamping on Metal
How to Choose a Font Size

Be prepared for compliments!!!!

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