September 17, 2010

Sneek Peek! New Stamping blanks samples.

Okay, so it's a regular Friday. I'm sitting at my desk. Working.

Lisa comes strolling in all nonchalant and stuff. She stops in front of my desk and says "Here!" with a triumphant grin. She holds out her hand and BAM! Then the other hand and BAM!

New blanks. Bird and Key.

I grabbed them and ran to the studio (without stopping to wash my hands) and told Lisa to TAKE A PICTURE I GOTTA PUT THIS ON THE BLOG!!!!

So she did and here they are.

Cute huh? This is the story. Lisa designed these exclusive Beaducation designs.  Blanks will come in 24 gauge AND 20 gauge, in copper, sterling and gold filled. Cut from metal sheet, not cast, so the surface is super smooth and shiny and ready for stamping!

You will see them in the shop in 2-3 weeks. We'll let you know as soon as they are available. I can't wait to get mine!


Lissa said...

Awesome! Can't wait till they get here!

Maneki said...

Oh, those birds look so pretty!