September 9, 2010

How to choose a Dapping Block.

After spending three days demonstrating a variety of Beaducation Tools at the Philly Beadfest a couple of weeks ago, I encountered the same question from customers again and again, "Why do you carry THREE different dapping blocks and why is there such a big difference in price?"

Good question, people. We do carry different versions of this tool.


So, really, you ask. What is the difference?

Well, it all comes down to quality and price and frequency of use.

Some people like to jump in right away and buy the absolute best tools that they can afford. C'mon. Who wouldn't love to drive a Ferrari right off the lot? But most of us have to drive a few Fords before we can hop into that Ferrari.

Tools are like that, too. Some are flashy Ferraris and some are sturdy Fords.

The High Quality 19 piece set comes in at $145. It's an expensive tool. It's a beautiful tool. It's a fancy tool. It gives the user plenty of different sized daps to choose from. You can curve your blanks in a variety of sizes from super-tiny to really big.

The Economy Dapping Set is priced at $42. Solid, sturdy. The daps are not quite as highly polished and smooth as the HQ set, but are still very serviceable. You get fewer size options for daps. Still gives a nice, pronounced curve to your blanks.

The wooden dapping block is a bit different. It gives a slight curve to your blanks, as the indentations for the blanks are not as deep as the ones on the metal blocks. Also, since it is wood, it is best to use a plastic or rawhide mallet when striking the daps so that the wood will stay intact. At $9 it's a great starter tool. You may find it a bit limiting after a bit if you want to dap a larger variety of blanks, but it is a tool that I use quite frequently on blanks that just need a slight curve.

So now you get to ask yourself some questions.
What are you going to use the daping block for? Do you just need to slightly curve your blanks or do you want to make nicely domed pendants or beadcaps?

What does your budget look like? How often are you going to use it? Does someone need a birthday gift suggestion?

For more information on many of the tools that we sell, you can check out our FREE product videos and tips. These short videos discuss the finer points of the products that we carry and will help you choose the product that's right for you.

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Shannon Chomanczuk said...

I love your analogy. Thanks for explaining the difference and for explaining why one would choose one block over another. I must admit the most expensive one is beautiful!