September 16, 2010

Cut Metal with Ease

The demo table at the last BeadFest was hoppin'. I met quite a few customers who wanted to cut their own shapes to stamp and solder out of metal sheet. I demonstrated the Jeweler's Saw and the French Shear A LOT! The jeweler's saw is usually my go to tool for cutting shapes out of metal, but many of the customers needed tool that is quick and easy and does not require a saw, blades and bench pin. (And cuts metal cleanly and easily.) They loved the French Shear, and I think you will, too.

Here are my thoughts:

Cutting through metal sheet is pretty easy if you have the right tool.

Have you met the French Shears? 

These beauties are the perfect tool for cutting out metal shapes. They work great on 24-20 gauge sheet.

I used the shears to cut out this square piece of sheet metal for this collage stamp design.

I use the metal ruler and scribe to mark my cutting lines. Then I cut along the scribed lines with the shears. To straighten out the metal, (since it curls slightly during cutting) I place it on the metal bench block and tap it lightly with the plastic mallet.

You can see the French Shears in action on this FREE product video.

If you have an interest in cutting your own shapes, I recommend giving this tool a try. It's a good stand-in for the jeweler's saw in case you are a little apprehensive of using the saw. 

More on the jeweler's saw to follow.

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