September 14, 2010

Brass Head Mallets...we LOVE THEM!

We are lovin' our Brass Head Mallets!  You'll find a 1lb size and a 2lb size in our shop.  We get a lot of questions on which one to buy.  Personally, I use both (true story here, not a sales pitch!).  If my letter sets are between 2mm-3.5mm  (1/16th"-1/8th"), I use the one lb hammer.  For  Design Stamps with a simple design, like the Half Loopy, I also use the 1lb mallet.  For my larger letters, like the 6mm Fancy Uppercase Letter Set, I use the 2lb mallet (I also use the Tilt n' Tap method on those big guys).  I also use that heavier hammer when stamping Design Stamps with a lot of detail, like the Cupcake.  This 2lb mallet is a big crowd favorite and is one of the first things we sell out of at shows.

The faces of your Brass Mallets will get all messed up when stamping.  That's OK, there is a good reason for that.  Brass is a fairly soft metal (hence the nicked up face) but it is also very dense.  A regular household hammer has a bit of bounce back, and when using it to strike a stamp, you sometimes get a shadowed impression.  The brass faced mallets, sit, sink and distribute the blow very evenly.  Even if you don't strike the stamp dead on center and you accidentally hit it more on the edge, the stamp will sink into and almost stick to the mallet rather than the mallet slipping off the side of the stamp.

So rejoice in that messed up mallet face, it's helping to create beautiful impressions in your metal stamped jewelry.

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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

I have a 2 lb mallet that i've been using from your recommendation a while back. I agree it's great ad doesn't slip or cause that funky double impression thing. I do seem to have to hit a lot harder with it though because it absorbs so much of the blow but it's worth it, definitely.