August 18, 2010

We are on our way to Bead Fest Philly!!!!

Are you going to be around this weekend? In King of Prussia, PA to be exact. (We like to say Philly. Reminds of of cheese steaks.)

If you are out and about and in the area, stop by Bead Fest. We will have many tools and materials for sale! (Visit the website, here.)

Lisa will be signing this:

and teaching this,


...and this:

Kate will be doing this:

Colin and Kris will be doing this:

Here is a FREE pass for you. Just click and print and bring it to the show... Hope to see you there.

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

I live two hours away from Philly, and I'm dying to go. Maybe next year when I don't have to tote around a toddler and baby and can take some classes! Have an awesome time!