August 30, 2010

Hey Stampers....take a break!

Ok, jewelry artists, it's break time.  I am sitting at my work table stamping out every metal letter set that we have (for show samples, and site photos) and after stamping 4 full alphabet sets, I am feeling a bit of strain in my left wrist.  A few years ago, I was doing some production work (for days) and didn't stop to stretch enough.  The result, a blown out left wrist.  You would think the right hand, the one madly yielding a heavy hammer, would be the one to incur the damage, but nope, it's the stabilizing hand.  Holding that stamp still, in a slight pinching position, without stretching or exercising your wrist and fingers is what causes injury.  It hurts, and Physical Therapy ain't cheap.  Lucky for me, my grandma is a Physical Therapist (she used to be the Dean of the Physical Therapy school at Stanford), so weekly sessions with her fixed me right up.

So, how 'bout we avoid injury and physical therapy and take breaks and do stretches instead.  Grandma says the key to avoiding injury is to keep the circulation flowing by breaking at least every 10 minutes and stretching your hands, fingers and even shoulders.  We all know this already, right?  But do we do it??? A very simple exercise is to regularly sit up straight and stretch your arms above your head, rotate your wrists around a few times and then bring your arms back down to your sides.  In class, I stop my students and have them do "the wave".  That gets them stretching and giggling at the same time.

I am a fan of this gal's office chair Yoga YouTube vids.  This is a great one for the wrists.

Enjoy your break and happy stretching!


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