August 10, 2010

Design Idea for the Kitty in your life!

Abby is not happy about it.

(She's rarely happy about anything except kibble and playing a very short game of "chase the yarn".)
 So in a vain attempt to inject some hilarity into Abby's somber existence,  Danelle made her a tag.

 We loved it.

Abby was not amused. 

This is what we used:
Stamp the large oval blank with your pets name and the moon and stars on the 3/8" silver blank. Oxidize and polish.

Punch a hole in each of the blanks with the 1.8mm hole punch pliers. Stack the blanks with the holes lined up and attach them together with one of the brass screws.

Punch a hole and add a jumpring at the top.

Prepare to feel the cold sting of your cat's disdain.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Too cute (are cats every amused by us humans?) :)

~ Laura (Moags)