June 2, 2010

Stuff that we are stoked about!

I really meant to let you know about the stuff that we are stoked about sometime last week. Back when it was May.

It's now June. The Second. I'd better get to it.

Stoked Thing #1

Click on the image to see these cuties close up.

Danelle, our shipping manager is super creative and crafty. One morning she came in wearing the  necklace that you see pictured above. We liked it so much, we wanted to share her cute idea with you.

The red bird pendant is a vintage button that is epoxied to a sterling bail. She left the shank of the button intact. The epoxy fills in any unevenness so that the bail can connect securely.   The two silver pieces are sterling discs that are collage-stamped with a variety of design stamps. The large pendant to the right with the pink birds is this sterling bezel filled with Ice Resin. She added a circle of scrapbooking paper and one of our sterling heart charms before pouring the resin.

For more tips on how to use the Ice Resin, take a look at our online written tutorial.

Stoked Thing #2

Click on the image above to see these soldered pendants in all of their glory.

Hurray for solder paste! And for soldering charms to metal blanks! And for our brand new Design Idea Video that we just posted on You Tube. We also have new video product demos up on several of the metalsmithing tools. Check out the solder cutting pliers, wire and paste solder and flux.

Click on the video below and I'll start my demo for you.

Stoked Thing #3

 Click on the pic and it will go large.

I have been going on lately about my re-dedication to actually making jewelry. I made this pair of earrings on my creative weekend a while back and loved how they turned out. Wire wrapping semi-precious briolettes is an essential skill for any jewelry designer. We are going to get an online class going on this technique soon. Look for it in about a month or so.

Enjoy the remainder of your week...Bead & Button is next week. We'll update you from the show!


Janeen said...

I cannot tell you how excited I am about small-scale soldering. Can't wait to watch the video. I'm def going to get some solder paste. :)

ELPhotoDesign said...

This is an awesome idea, and as always I love your videos. This may be a stupid question, but once you have your flux brushed on, your pieces of solder down and your charm/blank on top, how do you actually "solder" them together? Am I missing something?

Kate Richbourg said...

Not a stupid question at all! You need to solder everything all together with a torch.

We have a great introductory class to show you how here: http://www.beaducation.com/vids/detail/85