August 5, 2010

Kickin' it old school bead style...Bead & Button 2010 Part 1

Okay.  So it's been TWO months since the Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee WI. We do have tales to tell and pictures to share, so we are roundin' up our pictures and relivin' the good times. We'll start the recap with a little beading...old-school style!

Remember back in the day when you could actually make jewelry on a plane? No TSA regulations about tools or scissors or what you could or could not carry on?

Yeah, we do too. {SIGH}

Beading used to make the plane ride go so quickly. The flight attendants would gather 'round and it would be an earring-making lovefest. (Or necklaces, or even wire wrapped beads.)

Well, we decided to bring back those lost bead days and work on possibly the last project that you can do on a plane. Let's hear it for...BEAD WEAVING!!!!!!

Lisa showing the fruits of our labor.

Kate gathered up some supplies
(along with Casablanca on the IPod)  
and she and Lisa stitched...

and stitched! 
(Can you spot Kate's favorite cutter for Fireline? Yep! The nail clipper. 
Works as a great emergency wire cutter as well.)

and stitched! The flight literally FLEW by!  

That was just the beginning of the antics at Bead&Button 2010. More to come.

Do you have any projects that you work on when you fly? Tips? Care to share? Let us know in the comments.


Steven James said...

I'm so flying with you two next year!

Mari said...

Those rings looks awesome!!! I love them both!!

Leslie said...

I ALWAYS bead when I fly! I like making simple peyote rings. Sometimes if there's a really nice or interested flight attendant, I'll end up giving it to her. :-)