May 26, 2010

More musings on creativity...

As I was perusing the vast time suck that is the crafty blogland, I came across this great post from a friend of mine, Jennifer Perkins.

She is the creator and blogstress behind the creativity explosion that is The Naughty Secretary Club. In addition to being a great craft writer, TV show hostess and all around cool girl, she also has a great eye for interesting, whimsical jewelry. 

Creativity, in my definition, is the ability to see beyond the materials in front of you...inventing something new...or shaking up an old standard.

 Jen does all of these things with her jewelry and craft. If you have a moment, take a look at her latest creations and a collection of designs from others in this post: Naughty Secretary Club: Trendy is as Trendy Does: Prize Ribbons - Not Just for Horse Shows!

What are some of your creative artists? Muses? Or favorite ways to express your creativity?

I am totally inspired to create some new prizewinning pieces of my own. Thanks for the inspiration, Jen!


Sharon said...

What a fun fun blog! Had to add her to my blogger dashboard! Thank you.

Jennifer Perkins said...

Thanks for the sweet post Kate, I'm all a glow :)