March 5, 2010

Piles!!! (...and piles...and piles!)

Pile #1
Shipping. Please note the "Netflix" return under large pile of packages waiting to go out.

Pile #2
Wire. Pile o' wire that Steph is patiently winding. By hand. For Lisa's class kits for Bead Fest.

Pile #3
Edit Screen. Pile o' editing screens on Claudia's computer desktop. That's one of our new product vids...staring yours truly.

Pile #4
Show boxes. That's Kris G (his hat is somewhere UNDER the pile of boxes) communing with the 32 boxes of display and product that is going out to Bead Fest Santa Fe. We will be there March 18-21. More info and a discount admission coupon, here.

1 comment:

Tatiana Z. said...

I really like your blog! As Internet store owner myself I find it very interesting to follow it, to compare the number and size of your and my mail boxes, to contrast the way things run in your and my country.
Thank you!