February 6, 2010


Wooowee, we have been at the Bead True Blue Show in Tucson (at the Double Tree Reid Park) now for 6 days, in our WELL STOCKED booth. We are having a blast. It's wonderful to see our customers face to face and to meet and welcome some new ones. We have 3 more days to go with this show.

Kate and Lisa have had time to duck out a bit and go explore other shows. If you have never been to Tucson this time of year for this big ol' Gem/Jewelry/Bead/Random Stuff Show, you should know that there are like 20 shows going on at once. It's wonderful and crazy!

Our feet are a bit sore, but we are hanging in there. Come by and see us (and our cute new aprons) if you are in town!!!

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ozziemuzza said...

yes what great neighbours beaducation were. I was next to them as an exhibitor for the 9 days (burfitt tools australia). very friendly staff always had the answers to any of the customers many questions. A well polished professional outfit . well done lisa you have excellent staff -best regards from down under murray www.burfitt.com.au