February 25, 2010

Catching up with our Teachers...Barb Switzer

For the past few months, I have been scrambling to finish a ton of drawings and layouts and doing the weird behind-the-scenes work that makes teaching happen. What have I been working on? Design.
Each year I spend a good chunk of time designing an attractive, challenging and interesting project for Hooked on Wire. Most of my strongest designs have resulted from this endeavor, so I am willing to spend as much time as it takes. But this year I taught on the Bead Cruise in January, turning my usual month-long timeline into a brief 10 days of dedicated design time. My result, Fiore Selvatico, is an engineered chain mail and wirework bezel for a crystal rivoli.

Of course, Fiore had been in the works since October, when I created the original from scraps on my worktable. As much as I would like creativity to be an orderly process, I can't seem to work that way. Other artists have tidy studios and always put their tools away, but apparently, I am not that type of creator. I make scribbly drawings, lose my sketchbooks on airplanes (or my desk), and find myself inspired by chaotic, disjointed bits and pieces. In the end, I suppose work style matters far less than the results and I stand by the Fiore Selvatico, Vite Chain and Crystal Sandwich as proof that my method, although elusive, actually works! And I will now make peace with the idea that sometimes you have to work now and get paid later....Barb


Rochelle Nation Jewelry said...

Nice work Barb and congratulations! I LOVE your new design, it's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

When is Barb Switzer going to TEACH the Fiore Selvatico ? I am more than interested , bet others are too



Denise Shue said...

Is there any where I can find out how the crystal sandwich was made? Love it!!!!