January 26, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (or Lbs).

It's that time of year...the Tucson Gem Show.

Some of you readers may be familiar with this HUGE event. If not, let me just tell you...it's a big darn show. Big as in "the-whole-city-of-Tucson-turns-into-one-big-bead-gem-diamond-tools-and-metals" show. Big as in fancy companies sell fancy beads and jewels at fancy shows...and then there can be some guy selling geodes out of the trunk of his car at the gas station. It's diverse, it's fun and it's hard to get a decent dinner reservation.

Now many of us here at Beaducation have been in this biz a while and have experienced the hullabaloo that the Tucson Gem Show can be, but this is the FIRST TIME EVER that we are exhibiting AS A COMPANY!!! You might have heard that we'll be at the To Bead True Blue show as well as teaching some classes.

(For your information, that is excitement you hear in my voice, not stress...NOT STRESS...)

This is the part of the post that I talk about the 1000 lbs of stuff we are taking. In case you want to be really impressed, let's just call it HALF A TON. Display? Check! Hammers? Check! Design Stamps? Oh yeah! Wire? We have it! Tools? Uh huh!

Let me photo essay the rest of the process:
That's the freight truck ready to pick up the shipment. The shipment won't fill the truck...but it's going to be close. (No, not really. Half a ton isn't THAT big.)

Here you see Kriss S. and Kris G. hauling boxes. This may the the fourth time that day that Kris G. lifted that box. There were 22 more... Kriss S. is trying to be encouraging.

Boxes are now on the pallet. There is one more pallet to fill and wrap.

Our UPS freight gal gives us some tips on wrapping. K & K pay close attention.

And there it goes...off to the show!

We land in Tucson on Friday and the show starts up on Sunday the 31st. The show goes until February 8th. We'll be in booth G175 & 176 in case you're coming by. We'll keep you posted.

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