October 16, 2009

Soldering is the new black...

Really, really...we wouldn't kid you! Soldering opens up a whole new world to the jewelry designer (and you must be jewelry designer since you are reading this blog.)

Now all that you really need to get started is a class (well, a class and a little prompting from us.)

We know that you are going to LOVE soldering so much that we have some brand new classes ready to get you started! Simple Soldered Pendants and Soldered Rings and Bezels

"WHAT IS THAT?" you ask? Well, it's a sample from our "Simple Soldered Pendants" class. This view is of the pendant, just after soldering and before pickling. That darkened flower blank that you see above is a Gold-Filled blank. (I know, soldering gold-filled...we were pretty excited!)
This is the same pendant after pickling but before oxidizing and polishing...wait for it...

TAHDAH!!!! There it is at the top after it is all polished up. We also made those cool gold-filled and sterling pieces at the bottom.

Oh, rings...how we love you! The Soldered Rings and Bezels class will have you making a ring for every finger. This class is a perfect follow up to our Introduction to Soldering class.

You can also adapt this technique to make a pendant with a stone (just don't solder it to the ring band). Or create a plan ring band that is perfect for stamping.

Check out all of our metalworking classes here. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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