September 14, 2009

Top 10 Reasons.... love the new Kismet letter set.

. Numbers can be so dull...look at that whimsy!

. The Kismet letters were lonely. Creating a number set was cheaper than sending all of the letter sets away on a rejuvenating vacation.

. Lifting stamp sets is good for toning the muscles in your arms. A new number set equals just under a pound...put a bunch in a box and lift repeatedly...voila, instant workout!

. IF you wanted to make a tag for your dog out of the really cute dog bone blank, and IF you were using the Kismet letters to spell out his name, and IF you wanted to put your phone number on the dog tag, and IF you wanted it to match... we've got you covered.

. You just can't make a cute kid's name necklace without the birthdate stamped below...and you just HAVE to have the numbers and letters match!

. Made entirely in the USA. The quality just doesn't get better than this!

. They are so pretty and shiny! We get mesmerized by shiny and pretty things...

. I don't have anything for three...I am far too mesmerized by the shiny number stamps... I love the letter stamps...must...have...them...

. Did we mention that we like whimsy?

...and finally...You asked! We listened!

Check 'em out... Numbers. Uppercase. Lowercase.


Michelle said...

Love that set. I just got my stamping starter kit yesterday and I can tell I have an addiction on my hands :)

Nancy said...

I'm wanting to design hand stamped jewelry with a sports theme. Does anyone have any good ideas on that?