September 22, 2009

On the road again....

When I was little and we would go on a car trip...we would pull out of the driveway singing "On the Road Again."

Lisa, Kriss and I will be singing at the top of our lungs tomorrow as we wing our way to the Portland Bead Fest.

Come by and see us if you are in the neighborhood. Admission is on here for a free pass! Also, check out Lisa's classes here. She still has room for you.

Don't worry, though, the rest of the Beaducation crew will be keeping the home fires burning. The online store is open for business as usual!

Now I've gotta run. I need to pack and print out the lyrics to that song. Do you think I could get the whole plane to join in?


meesh said...

i'm now looking here! you better keep it funny.

Christina said...

Just wondering when you'll have the small stylized sterling hearts back in stock. I have sent several emails and haven't received a reply, so I'm trying here. :)


Lisa Niven Kelly said...

Hi Christina,
Sorry you are having trouble getting through to us. Which email have you been using? Hummm, we typically answer emails right away. Try our inventory manager,, and she can answer your question. THANKS :)