September 20, 2009

SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!! Quiet on the set!

Did you know that Lisa Niven Kelly's new book comes with a bonus DVD? Now that the book is wrapped up, it's time to FILM!

Claudia was behind the camera...Zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out. That girl is a camera genius!

To get ready for a video shoot, it takes a lot of prep...

and a lot of powder!!! (It is really hot in our shootio!)

and a flatiron for Lisa's hair!

Kate played the part of wardrobe mistress, makeup artist, hairstylist and director. This is the wardrobe mistress part. (That is a clothespin, very important for keeping the wardrobe in place.)

This is the makeup artist part...the talent had to stay very still.

The talent also needed to have straight, shiny hair. (This, as you can guess, is the hairstylist part!)

There are no shots of the director part... Kate was way too bossy and everyone left! (No, not really. Okay maybe a little...)

We had a lot of fun filming the DVD. Lisa is a pro! (But you knew that already...) We'll keep you updated on the details, but for now..."QUIET ON THE SET!!!"


Unknown said...

I'm very excited about your book and DVD. When will it be ready for purchase? I sure hope there will be plenty to go around.

Sandi/chgo said...

Yes, tell us - when is the release date??

PS - You must post some shots of the new digs...congratulations to all!!!

Chris said...

I'm waiting for the book! Waiting...waiting...wait..rats..
PS Lisa has a really happenin' look going when she elegantly crossed her eyes~ :-D