August 28, 2009

Move? What move?!

Did you ever have the feeling, you know... after you have made a major on the EARTH did you ever function before that change?

We went from a SMALL...(no, really, small) office, to (count 'em) TWO (still kinda small...but well organized and not all THAT small) offices connected by a door (well, we will call it an opening, there is no door) in the wall.

Hallelujah! We are settling in...

The last drawer was built yesterday. (Thanks, Kris!)

And now we just have to "cute-ify" around here...

Here are a few pics of our cuteness:

Mindy "DIY"ed" that cool desk box out of an old silverware box, paint, decorative paper and some decoupage. She is a clever girl!

Lisa's daughter, Izzy is a great artist. This painting is hanging in the hall, along with our custom Beaducation aprons!

Back to clever embellished cork board and a cute corgi picture!

I hung the quilt that I made and entered in the County Fair. (On an unrelated note: how much fun is the County Fair? Funnel cakes, pig races, lots of weird stuff to buy in the "sales pavilion." I urge to to seek out and visit your local fair. Have a Cotton Candy for me!)

A place to work with power tools...( I see a bench buffer, jump ring maker, metal forming tool and some torches!!!!)

And lots 'o room for inventory!!!!

Whew! Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.


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You've been busy...great job!!!


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Tatiana Z. said...

I own online store here in Russia and I'm about to have the same process now. How on Earth did you do that! You made it look so quickly and so funny.. I can't even decide what storage system to buy: the wooden one which is nicer, or the steel one which will safely handle all my stuff.. I'm about to go crazy.