August 19, 2009

It's Chaos Out There...(or should I say In Here?!)

"Let's do it," we thought. "The printer next door is moving out, we need more room, let's just bust through that wall, put in a door and EXPAND!"

When you are basking in the glow of the potential of a whole extra office for inventory and dreaming about the extra room that you are going to have to put in a workbench (as in a REAL jewelry workstation, complete with ROLLING MILL) don't really think about what has to happen in between the old office and the new.

(This is our current workstation...IMPRESSIVE!)

Let us share our saga with you...

First, you've got to vacuum the vacant office. Or at least pretend you are vacuuming. That is Lisa and Danelle...pretending.

Pretending to vacuum led to playing telephone.

Danelle realized that all of this pretending did not stop the flow of orders from coming in, so she put herself back to work. Lisa kept on playing telephone. (D's desk is not usually wedged in among the inventory like that, we had to rearrange to make room for the door-busting).

Things started to look up for Danelle after she had a latte. Katie had one, too. Everyone was happy.

Then the wall-busting began. Loud. Everyone was not so happy.

...but the noise was totally worth it. Voila! A door! (Kate is doing her Vanna impression here.)

(Think of this as the "before" picture.)

We also busted out the dividing wall. Ah, such room! Now we are getting ready to fill it with inventory and cute new desks.

Next up...painting!!! We will let you know how that one goes. (and no, even though I made it sound like WE have been doing all of this construction work, it's really our handyman with a truck.)


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Azure Accessories said...

Lots of work but I'm sure it will be great when done...but then if you are like me it will be more room for more "stuff"...have fun along the way!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Oh, boy, more toys fo us!