June 9, 2009

In which Lisa and Kate teach at Bead & Button...

picture it. Milwaukee 2009. Lisa Niven Kelly. Kate Richbourg. Stamping, Dapping & Riveting.

Well, you don't actually have to picture it...'cause we took some photos to share. This is the first class that Lisa & I have team taught and boy, was it a blast. The students all had a good time and made some really lovely things.

One of our students drilling (she brought the drill, not in a carry-on).

A lovely stamped and riveted piece.

Tube riveting in action!

Kate, either teaching or surfing...

Lisa...directing the stamping process (did you know that she was a really good stamper?)

And of course a messy worktable means a lot of fun and creativity! Thanks ladies, it was a pleasure to have you in class.P.S. A special "shout out" Lampwork Beadmaker Bernadette Fuentes for making our lovely lampworked beads for our class. Check out her beads here.

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