June 10, 2009

Bead & Button 2009...We sent how many boxes??? and now we have to set up a tripple booth???

It was a Wednesday that started like any other day... except that we were at the largest bead show in the U.S. and 38 boxes of our merchandise was somewhere...waiting for us (okay, 13 of those boxes had already been delivered to Lisa's classroom, but STILL...)

Lisa had a class (two classes), Liz Jones had a class, we were expecting Kriss and Mindy to fly in from San Francisco, Colin just drove 12 hours, Lisa and I been up since 7 AM (which is 5 AM our regular time) AND we had gotten to bed late after having a lovely dinner with one of our suppliers (that might have involved wine; we will neither confirm or deny).

No problem. We can handle it. We are BEADUCATION!!!

This is how it played out:

Lisa got to her class in plenty of time, set up, handed out kits and rocked the house with her Stamped Ladder Bracelet and Tornado Earrings classes.

Colin and Liz went to check in and grab their teaching materials while I attended to some office business.

I was to meet Colin at noon for set-up, so I high-tailed it up to the showroom floor at about 12:30...(so much for punctuality, but I'm on bead-time) and was greeted by the huge banner that welcomed up all to Bead & Button 2009.

I began to feel overwhelmed. It was a darn big sign.

Then I saw the booth...the big, empty booth...

...and the boxes, on TWO pallets. (At least they'd arrived, whew!)

Now, to unpack and make everything look GREAT! At least our boxes weren't as big and daunting as the ones from Swarovski around the corner.

We took up the challenge...

Unearthed Box number 13 that contained the box cutters and got to work.

There really is nothing like setting up for a show. Vendors pushing HUGE carts of merchandise down the aisle, having it tip precariously from side to side. The guys who work for the show delivering tables, driving REALLY BIG forklifts with 3" of clearance on either side. Dodging packing materials and boxes. Cursing because did I really forget to note down which box I had packed with the tape that we needed to fasten down the table covers? (Colin found it in the last box. Figures. She is great at finding what I am great at loosing.)

Break at 6:30...Breathe a sigh a relief when Mindy and Kriss arrive. Lisa and Liz taught great classes and now on to "Meet the Teachers"....We will catch you up with those shenanigans next time.

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