June 23, 2009

Bead & Button 2009...Just a couple more things!

Well, all in all it went great!
We were all set up and ready to go.

Booth was busy.

Our Preview night on Thursday was a blast. Thanks so much to our customers who were patient and seemed to be having a good time, too.

...and liked the brief sit-down moment at the check out!

Not to say that there weren't highjinks...

Our tool rep, Mike, sporting a Beaducation apron! (hottt!) Great look on you, Mike!

That is NOT Kate cracking a beer after class. At Beaducation, we are the model of decorum and would NEVER, EVER show such an example.
(Okay, unless it was beer o'clock and someone had been teaching for 12 hours!!!)

The whole week was great. Dinners with friends were enjoyed. Pratfalls ensued (thanks, Mindy). Songs were sung (karaoke in Milwaukee may just be the best. Mustang Sally, anyone?). Oh, and tools and supplies flew out of the booth (sorry, we are out of screw-down hole punches, but can I interest you in a foldy ruler?).

We made it back...

Yes, you do see 4 suitcases and two carry on's each...don't ask!

See you next year, Milwaukee!


Mots Du Nord said...

It was great to see you all there! You beaducation gals hold a special place in my heart: Lisa was my first instructor and I'm a big Beaducation fan!

Thanks for everything!

Azure Accessories said...

Looks like a great time was had by all...I'll get there one day!!!


Lori Citsay said...

You guys are such a hoot.....it oughta be illegal to have so much fun at work!