June 11, 2009

Bead & Button 2009...Hot for Teacher! (or is that a hotflash?)

After we packed and left the booth for the night, we dashed upstairs and put on cute dresses. We dashed downstairs and set up our teacher tables. We dashed around taking video of teachers in the room before the student invasion. (More on that video later. It does not contain singing, pratfalls or other hilarious highjinks. Really).

Meet the Teachers is a phenomenon that began at Bead and Button years ago...(how many years, you ask? I can't remember, let's just say a lot).

The purpose of this much-anticipated event is to let the students meet the variety of teachers that come from around the country and in turn the teachers can meet the students before class, chat it up and have an opportunity to sell their kits and promote their classes.

It is also an opportunity to drink wine.

and an opportunity to mug it up for the camera...

(Kris, Lisa and Lisa's Awesome Kits!)

Students come from all over the country to take classes. It is always fun to meet new students and catch up with former ones.

We also got to visit with our fellow instructors...a shout out to Barb Switzer and Liz Jones.

Fun was had by all...

Kate, Mindy, Kriss and Lisa, having fun.

Thanks students, it was great to see you all!

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