May 6, 2009

Introduction to Soldering is up!!!

Soldering is alive and well and online at Beaducation!

Can I tell how excited I am about our newest class? Metalworking is one of my favorite things to teach and this basic class lays the groundwork for all of my upcoming soldering and metalworking classes.

I wanted to share all of the steps that you will need to know tobe a successful metalworker. Soldering metal jewelry really isn't that hard. Students just need to take the process seriously and take the time to prepare each step fully and correctly.

Students learn three basic soldering operations in this class: how to fabricate and solder jumprings to make a simple link chain; how to cut a disc, stamp, shape and solder embellishments to make a decorative metal bead; and how to solder a clasp onto the chain and make a great bracelet out of all of the components that are made in the class.

The class also covers how to use paste solder, how to mix and use pickle to clean soldered items and covers all the safety concerns of setting up your own soldering station at home.

Next in the series is making a ring featuring a cabochon stone set in a bezel. Look for that one to debut in the middle of June.

Let me know if you have any questions...Enjoy!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Kate. I just viewed your soldering class and it is great! One question - how do I safely dispose of the pickle if I don't want to keep it stored in my crock pot after the project is completed?


Anonymous said...

Neutralize the pickle solution with baking soda. Do not breathe in the vapors that are produced. It is safe to then pour the neutralized solution down the drain.