April 24, 2009

Need to remove resin???

We received this tip from a customer who is working a lot with our new resin and sterling bezels...

"Hey Kate, just a followup here. I was having resin problems and asked about recovering bezels when the resin doesn't cure. Just for grins, figuring I didn't have anything to lose, I put a failed attempt in acetone overnight. After all, they use it to remove acrylic nails and I thought it might be worth a shot. By the next morning the resin had softened into a blob and I could just scrape it out. I know a lot of people don't like to work with acetone because of its toxicity, but it beats wasting expensive sterling bezels! Just thought I'd pass it along in case others have problems too."

If you are having trouble with getting your resin to cure properly, make sure that you are REALLY mixing the resin thoroughly and using the measuring cups to make sure that you pour equal amounts of resin for your project.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share? Send me and email and we'll post 'em here!


Jennifer Perkins said...

I gotta take one of these classes, they sound more and more awesome.

charmsbylois said...

Invest in a gram scale for measuring resins.It is very accurate and almost guarantees success. I have not tried your resin yet, but I have tried everyone else's! I make sterling bezel frames and am bringing all my latest designs to B&B. Wynwoods Gallery& Studio