March 26, 2009

Resin Tips

We have had a few questions regarding the use of our new ICE Resin so I thought I'd share this one with you. Hopefully this will help troubleshoot if you've had this same problem.

"I purchased some Ice resin a couple of weeks ago and tried my first batch on the 14th. And they're still a bit tacky. I've done some reading about other similar types of resin and have come to the conclusion that perhaps I didn't get the amounts exactly correct even though I took great care to do so.
So now some questions. Will they ever dry completely? If so, is there anything I can do to speed it up? And if they do eventually dry, can they be sanded and topped off again? (A couple of them got a fingerprint on the surface.)"

"The culprit may be your mixing method. The resin needs to be mixed slowly and carefully for a full minute to start the chemical reaction so the resin cures fully. The resin should be fully cured in 72 hours, so I don’t have much hope for your pieces.
The amounts need to be really close to exact and the mixing has to be thorough- those are the two things that I find go wrong with the most frequency.
I prefer not to try and speed up the curing process, as sometimes this causes the resin to cure too fast and the resin can stay tacky or become rippled on the surface. You can put the pieces under a task light to bring any bubbles to the surface. I always check my pieces after about 20 minutes and see if the resin has settled. If it has, I can add a drop or two more of the mixed resin to dome the top. The resin sets in 30 minutes, so the mixed resin should still be usable."

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