March 19, 2009

Did someone say KISMET UPPERCASE?

It's Kate here...Lisa asked me to blog the big announcement since she is busy stamping away with the brand new KISMET UPPERCASE letter set.

It is the companion set to our super popular KISMET LOWERCASE letter set.

Can ya stand it???

If you want over to our KISMET UPPERCASE waiting list and add your name to the list. We should start seeing these in the next few weeks.

We also have our other originals...KISMET LOWERCASE letter set and the GOTHIC LOWERCASE letter set.

In case you are unfamiliar with these sets and the purchasing process, all of the details are on the product pages on the website.

We felt that due to the super-high demand for these new sets and to make the purchasing process fair to all, we would release them to customers that signed up on a waiting list. If you want to be on all of the waiting lists, you need to sign up for each one to reserve your spot.

The sets are arriving weekly, so don't despair if you are lower down on the waiting list. We update the lists as soon as we get a shipment in.

Lisa designed the font for both the KISMET upper and lowercase letters. These sets are truly a Beaducation Original. I have been stamping with them myself and have found them to be of excellent quality and really fun to work with.

Now that the KISMET sets are up and running, you never know what font might be next...any ideas?

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stuckinthecoop said...

So excited about the new stamp sets. I would love to see a lowercase typewriter set, or lowercase cursive/script. Thanks for all your great stamp sets, they are so unique and fun to work with.

Heather Ellis
sTuck in the Coop