February 25, 2009

Update on Kismet upper and lowercase AND Gothic lower case stamp sets

Hey all,

We are powering through the Kismet lower case stamp set waiting list. More are coming tomorrow and we will move about 100 folks off the list. Early next week we are receiving our first batch of lowercase Gothic stamp sets. If you aren't already on the waiting list, click here to read how to add your name. This batch is only about 30 sets but they will be coming in regularly in batches of 60 or so every 10 days.

I have finally finished my artwork for the uppercase Kismet set. I love it!
Here it is....drumroll...

I hope that all those little spiral letter ends will translate well into a tiny stamp, we shall see. I really don't know when production on these will start. Hopefully in a few weeks. We will not start a wait list until we have received our first sample. Next, I will work on the numbers :)

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