February 10, 2009

I'll Tumble for Ya!

I couldn't resist... I just love using the tumbler for polishing large quantities of jewelry. It's fast, easy and the finished pieces come out looking great. The tumbler saves a lot of polishing time by hand.

We have had a few questions regarding the particulars of the tumbler.

You asked, we wrote.

Check out our new Product Tip on Using the Tumbler. We have a variety of tutorials to help you with our tools and products. If you haven't done so, check 'em all out in our FREE Tip Corner.

Do you have any ideas for tips or tutorials? Send 'em our way in the comments. We'd like to know what you'd like to know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate. I noticed that Beaducation now stocks soldering supplies. I'd like to learn sterling silver soldering asap. Any online classes or PDF tips coming soon?


Kate Richbourg said...

We are filming the first in our soldering series next week, so you will see a new soldering class up and running in the next month or so.

Soldering is a great skill to learn and I am really excited to get our customers started!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Glad to hear it. Soldering will really help to round out your class list. Thanks!

A Loyal and Admiring Customer

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your wonderful tutorials and I have now started making some stamped sterling silver jewelry. I have been polishing the raw edges and unfinished surface w/tripoli and then rouge compounds. ALOT OF WORK! I see you sell a machine (tumbler) Will that do for me what I am doing by hand?!? I also love the new rings. They look shiny and polished already as well as your blanks do too. Are they? That would save even more time!!! Thanks from an excited beginner!

Anonymous said...

I see you have a tumbler to use to polish silver stamped blanks. Will this eliminate the polishing of the raw edges and unfinished surface w/tripoli and rouge compounds. I would buy 3!!!!! I also love the ring blanks and would like to try some..they look polished already..are they??? Thanks