February 5, 2009

Have you tried resin?

Well, I have always wanted to. I have tried and tested a lot of different resin products with varying results.

Just when I thought that resin was to difficult, too smelly, too much of a pain in my jewelry butt...along comes ICE Resin.

I thought that I'd give it a whirl and it's changed my jewelry life. So simple to use, doesn't smell and cures crystal clear.

I tried it out and made this pendant. (That's my mom and I in there. We were both a bit younger!)

To get you started, I wrote up this tutorial that outlines the steps for creating your own pendant. The possibilities are endless with this technique. We have a couple more Design Tips featuring resin coming up soon. You can check out our newest one, here.

We also have these cool open backed pendants for resin.
They have a really industrial, modern look. I would pair them up with a Riveted Pendant. (Don' get me started on Riveting!)

This resin can also be mixed with pigments to tint it. Oil based paints work great. Check out the paint section at your local craft store. Remember to add color a drop at a time. (A little color goes a long way!) Think about how you would add food coloring to frosting.

Place found objects or texture like glitter, sand shells or any other interesting objects. (I did one with pearls and crystals embedded in the resin.)

Have a great time using this new product. I sure did!

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Unknown said...

Hi. Thanks for the tutorial on resin. Can you tell me the difference between Diamond Glaze and Ice Resin? Which is better for sealing photos, images, and text for a more professional, resale quality? Thanks!