January 10, 2009

New waitlist for Kismet Lower Case Stamp Sets

Hey all,

As promised, we put the stamp sets in inventory yesterday at 11:00AM. At 11:00 and 45 seconds our server crashed. It crashed because of the amount of people that logged in at one time (to get the stamps I am assuming). Pure panic broke out in the office. I had to get our Web Programmer out of a meeting and because he is a miracle worker, he was able to get it back up in about 25 minutes. Then the stamp sets sold out soon after that.

What have I learned from this experience?
  1. We need to expand our server space.....duh!!!! We knew we would have to do this some day, that day has come.
  2. This way of releasing the stamp sets for sale ain't working anymore.
  3. We need more chocolate in the office for these panic emergency situations.
Let me explain again, why we release the sets like we do (with Notification email and then first come first served). When we first ordered these we had no idea what the response would be. I knew they would be popular but I really didn't know they would be this popular. I figured by now most everyone who wants a set would have had a chance to get it and the frenzy would slow down. Boy, not true. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited that you all like this product and I am soooooo grateful that you are interested in giving me your business.

So it's time for a change. We have gone into the database and found that we can look at the Notification List and sort it by the date of when folks added their name. We are now working on turning that list into a wait list. I know some of you are thinking "why didn't you do that in the first place". Again, we thought our method was fair and reasonable, but now to keep folks up to date on their status and such, we are changing to a wait list.

If you are not on the Notification List, then please add yourself on because that is now the only way you will get a set. PLEASE, if you have already gotten a set or you are no longer interested in purchasing one, please take your name off the Notification List as soon as possible. If you are unsure if you are on the list, log into your account on Beaducation.com and then click "my account" (top of the page), then scroll down a bit to see the "Email Notification" section, from there you can click "View or change my product notification list", to see the lists that you are on. From there you can also remove yourself from lists.

Once we set up the wait list you will be able to view your position on the list by typing in your email address. We will be emailing out more info on that shortly.

We will get in touch everyone on the list soon.

Thanks for your patience,


PS- please also remember, our manufacturer sends us the sets as fast as they can make them, we can't get them any faster.


My Art and My Soul said...

Gaads, I wish I could bring you some chocolate right this very minute:>} You guys must have lost your minds yesterday. I am happy because FINALLY I got my set but if the server hadn't crashed, I'm not sure I would have - isn't life just one adventure after another. Have a great week and I think your new system will reduce everyones stress levels considerably. As always, I love doing business with you and Happy New Year. Sally Hoffman

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to know where we are in the wait list? Like whether or turm is likely to come in February or november?

Lisa Niven Kelly said...

Yep, you will be able to check your status.....we will release details on how soon :)

Christina said...

When do think a number set and a capital letter set might be coming? We really want the numbers! :)

Lisa Niven Kelly said...

Hey Christina and all....I am working on the numbers and Upper Case right now. Probably be about 1 month or so until production....but you know I will keep ya posted here in the blog. And there will be a wait list on those from day one. When they are ready, I will let everyone know and post the wait list. Sorry, you can't add yourself to the wait list right now (I knew you were gonna ask that :)...but we might open the wait list soon....stay tuned.