January 16, 2009

More about the New Kismet Stamp Set waiting list


Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Kismet stamp set, we have decided to streamline the purchasing process. When we first received these sets we added them into inventory as they arrived and customers could purchase them on a first come, first served basis. Since our manufacturer makes them as fast as they can and ships promptly, we thought that everyone would be able to purchase a set within a couple of months. Boy, were we mistaken! Our Notification List has over 500 people on it…..so something needs to change.

We think that we have come up with a perfect solution, the “waiting list.” We know that no one likes to wait, but a list will not only reduce the wait time next to the computer pushing the “refresh” button to see when they go back in stock, it will also let you know how soon your set will be on its way to you.

To make it simple and fair, we are taking the Notification List and turning it into the wait list. We can view the Notification List by the date customers added their name. That is how you will be placed on the list.

But before we do that, I am sending out this information email and asking folks who are no longer interested or have already received a set, to please remove yourself from the list.

Here is how to remove your name from the list:

1. Log into your account at Beaducation.com and click “my account” at the top right of the page.

2. Scroll down to “Email Notifications”.

3. Click on “View or Change my Product Notification List”.

4. Uncheck any items you no longer wish to receive notification on.

5. Click “update”.

We will give everyone a few days to remove themselves if they wish. We will transfer the Notification List to the Waiting List, entering names by date. Once completed, we will send out another email with a link to the wait list. You will be able to type your email in a field and the system will tell you your position in line. As orders are filled, your number will move up the line. When you reach the top of the list and your stamp set is waiting for you, we will email you a hidden link on the website to purchase. You may not share that link with anyone. We will not accept orders from customers not on the waiting list. If an order does go through, it will be refunded. There is a 1 set per person limit.

Our supplier has dedicated two machines to produce our Kismet Stamps, so the production numbers in our weekly batches will pick up a bit.

Remember, this wait list is not live yet. You will hear from us early next week as soon as it is ready.


Lisa Niven Kelly



Joy said...

Sounds great, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

I am so happy that you have decided to proceed with allocating the Kismet stamps in this way.
I have been trying to get a set of these stamps for ages, but every time I received notification that they were in I was too late in putting in my order so I missed them.
I am mostly in my studio and only once a day on the computer so this new arrangement will suit me admirably.
Looking forward to getting to the top of the list,
Yours Sincerely, Maqggie D

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! I have been trying diligently. This is a wonderfully fair way to proceed. Your site is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We appreciate how dedicated you are to taking care of us, your customers. Look forward to the email to let me know when my set is ready to order.
Thanx, Tracey

Swati said...

Oh thank you! Phew! Now I can be assured I will eventually have my set :-).