December 3, 2008

Next batch of Lower Case Letter Stamp Sets

UPDATE, we posted the sets and they sold out quick....hang in there, 100 are coming next week. Keep checking the blog to see when they will be posted!

Ok, vacation is over and my stamp fairies are back at it.....I have been told that around 60 sets will be shipped to me on Friday. I will be calling them Friday to confirm that and then I will add the sets to inventory around 11:00 AM Pacific Standard time. I will then send out a Product Notification to those of you on the list. If you don't get a set from this batch....DON'T WORRY, next week they will be shipping ONE HUNDRED (yes that's 100) more. And they will keep comin' every week.

Please remember that this batch won't be here to our place until Tuesday and will most likely be shipped to you on Wed or Thurs.

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Anonymous said...

Yipee skipee doo - I'll be watching my email and hopefully will be fast enough to snag a set:>} Thanks and keep up the good work...I love this site and all it offers in way of supplies and classes. Sally