November 20, 2008

When is the next batch of Lower Case Stamp Sets coming in?

Well, we just put 44 sets up for sale, but they sold out in 36 minutes. They were shipped to us today and will most likely arrive on Monday or Tuesday. My supplier has told me that the next batch won't be sent out until the week after Thanksgiving. They are going to try their hardest to ship more than 45 sets. They make them in batches and typically their machines can't hold more than 45 sets so they just send them as they make them. As soon as I have a firm date for the next shipment, I will post here. I know some of you are super excited to get a set, so hang in there, we will get batches every week (except Thanksgiving week).



gbobmi said...

WOW! Was able to order mine and am thrilled! I "stalked" my inbox for two days!

Congrats, Lisa, on another fabulous offering! Can't wait to receive and try out my new stamp set!

Julie said...

Since these are selling SO well have you (will you PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!) consider adding another font or two?

Julie said...

I tried to post this once, sorry if it gets double posted... Since these are flying off of the shelves is there any chance (PLEASE!!!!!!!!!) that you'll be adding other fonts?

Anonymous said...

Any plans to do a set of numbers in the same font? Please?

Anonymous said...

Obviously,you are working SO hard to try please us all. I just want to say thank you. Please try to find time to take a break here and there, ok?

An Admiring Customer