November 25, 2008

3 New Classes are Up!!!!


For your viewing pleasure...2 new free classes Annealing Metal and Sawing Metal. Both by yours truly, me! (That would be Kate.)

And I know that you have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for Kriss Silva's new Twisted, Knotted and Fused Ring class. It's up and running and ready for viewing.

We will launch a few more classes in the next couple of weeks...Look for Gail Crossman Moore's Felting classes and Iris Sandk├╝hler's sequel to her Unsupported Viking Knit, Viking Knit 2 "The Cage."



Anonymous said...

Dear Kate, Lisa, and All at Beaducation,

Thanks for these new FREE(!) classes. I can hardly wait to see them! Your hard work and dedication are so appreciated.

Thank you very much.

An Admiring Customer

Anonymous said...

Hi All- I just found your site yesterday---think I died and went to heaven---have already taken all the free classes---(my brain is on overload) can't wait to get started--but haven;t started on Xmas decorating or shopping so may be awhile---

Is there some way I could just buy a small letter "j" from the lower case you just got in? I'm not really into stamping but would like to do a tag to add to my jewelry --- since it's "jewelry by j" all in small ltrs thought just a j on the tag would be great...can't afford a whole set---

thanks for the great classes and SUPER instructors.

Keep up the good (that sounds too weak) work.