October 14, 2008

Stamped Design Idea:

We published this cool design idea in our latest newsletter and like it so much that we wanted to share it with everyone!
Stamp a Pair of Glamorous Earrings
The holidays are around the corner and quick and stylish gifts are always in fashion.
These earrings are a fun and easy project to make.
Here is what we did:
Do you have any favorite designs that you have stamped that you would like to share? Send a photo to kate@beaducation.com and we can post it.


Anonymous said...

Now this is more like it! Sometimes my brain just dries up and I can't come up with ANY ideas. Providing photos like these earrings helps me to get my old creative motor running! More, please!

Anonymous said...

I've been stamping for a little bit and was wondering what you use to blacken your letters after you stamp? I use a black fine tip sharpie but have heard about some type of pitina? that you can rub on for a more permanite black...Do you have any suggestions?