October 19, 2008

New in the Shoppe...Nickel Silver!

What is nickel silver you ask? We thought that you might want to about the newest blanks that we have added to the Shoppe. They are made from Nickel Silver. Nickle Silver is an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. It does not contain any pure silver and is named for its silvery appearance. It is much more cost effective than sterling silver, and you can achieve a nice high polish on the surface. It is a bit stiffer in comparison to copper in workability and hardness. The color of polished nickle is slightly darker than sterling or fine silver.

Certain people may have allergies to Nickle Silver. It will not turn your skin green, like copper might, but some people do experience a slight reddening of the skin with exposure to nickel. You can spray nickle (or for that matter, copper, too) lightly with a matte spray fixative to keep the metal from contacting the skin. If you choose to do this step, (the final step, after polishing) place all of your pieces on a piece of paper and spray lightly with the fixative. Let dry for 1 hour and repeat on other side. If you need to even out the coating, repeat the process once more.

Would you like information on all of our metals? You can find a handy metals reference chart here.

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