October 28, 2008

New design idea....

Our site will soon have a page dedicated to new stamping design ideas. Until that page is ready, we will continue to post ideas here.

Here is a piece that I recently made for a magazine ad. Isn't it great....I gave it to my sister (the only person I know crazy enough to have 4 kids!) and she loves it and wears it everyday. She gets a bunch of comments on it. Perhaps you should add this design into your jewelry line....here is how.

~ I used the 1" Square Washer with 1/2" ID.
~ Stamped it with the 3/32nd" letters, and Tiny Heart design stamp
~ Punched 2 holes in one corner with the 1.8mm Hole Punch Plier
~ Dangled one Stylized Heart Tag from the middle with a Heart Spiral design stamped on it. I hung that with a 3mm 18g. Jump Ring

Have fun!

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Christina said...

Here's mine that I made a few months ago: