September 30, 2008

We filmed new classes!!!!

Last week we went into the Shootio and filmed two new online wire classes with Barb Switzer. What a terrific time! We shot Pinwheel Pendant and Highway Chain.

Wonder how the process works? After we choose the new classes (after checking out the samples passing them around to determine the "OOOOHHHH" factor) we schedule the shoot.

The day of the instructors arrival is always exciting. We set up the Shootio with the camera, lights and sound equipment. Sometimes we have to run out for last minute items (like the time we needed to buy an iron to press the cover for the table. Wrinkles really show up on camera.) Make sure there is no underlying noise (like the refrigerator...we have to unplug it...AND remember to plug it back in.) Plug in the battery charger for the camera...(sometimes FIND the battery charger for the camera.)
Barb from the back...

The instructor comes in and sets up their project. All of the steps are ready to go and we go over the tools and materials, what the steps for the project will be and in what order the steps are to be filmed.

Barb's stuff...

Now...3,2,1...action. We film, and film, and redo, and back up and clarify and film and film some more. We goof and save those outtakes for a future gag reel.

The instructor is always a good sport. You may think that we have an expansive state-of-the-art film studio. But really, it is a rather small office where we can't run fans or air conditioning during filming (noise, again.) Sometimes we just have to break because it can get pretty toasty in that room!
Barb being a good sport!

You'll see these classes posted in the next month or so...we still have to edit the video, check the handouts, write copy and a few more other tasks before we can launch. These are going to be two great classes. We'll keep you posted!