September 8, 2008

A Note from Kate

Just thought I’d update you on a few goings-on here at Beaducation Central. A few weeks ago Lisa introduced me as Beaducation’s new Director of Education. Wow! Let me tell you, I’ve been “in office” for a little over a month now and have we gotten the ball (or bead) rolling. Classes and teaching is my passion and I am so excited to be able to share my love of jewelry fabrication and design with all of you.

We have a bunch of new classes in the editing bin (I know you have been eagerly waiting for riveting to come available) and quite a few more on the schedule to shoot this fall. Barb Switzer has a couple of new and fabulous wire designs and our chainmaking guru, Colin Mahler, has quite a few new chain styles to share. We are also chatting with a few new instructors regarding some fabulous new classes.

Did someone say resin? We thought you might like to learn how to work with the hottest new medium around. We are looking at a whole new line of resin-friendly castings and are chatting with a nationally-known resin master to teach classes. I’m not going to reveal her name yet, but you may already have her book! You’ll see resin pop up later this fall.

Speaking of new classes, I just finished filming the Introduction to Riveting class (up soon, very, very soon) and am preparing to get started on our Metalsmithing Series. Metal is my favorite medium (okay, I may have said that about PMC) but there is something about being able to manipulate metal and create your very own original ideas for your designs that makes me a bit giddy. I don’t know if giddiness around a torch is a good thing, but I’ll do my best to maintain my decorum. You’ll see our metal classes debut this fall and into next year.

So what do you think? Questions? Comments? Class requests? I want to hear it all. We do this for YOU, and I want to know what new classes you’d like to see on our site.

Talk to you soon-


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I'm very excited about your upcoming classes. Do you know if Beaducation is planning on doing a class on hand cutting/forging sterling silver rings to use as connectors for bracelets and necklaces?

Looking foward to hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

I would love to get my hands on a soldering/casting/gem setting class!!!! Was happy to hear about you starting a metalsmithing class!!


Cori Marie said...

I am very pumped for some of the upcoming classes. And I would be really interested in some more metal based classes as well!

Kate Richbourg said...

Hi Ladies-
The answer is yes to all of your questions...Definitely ring fabrication, beginning stone setting with cabachons and a variety of other metals classes. Stay Tuned and thanks for your interest!


Ann said...

Hi Kate,

You guys are great. Please, please hurry with the riveting class. I have studied and tried several techniques, but have yet to master riveting. I am so very excited about all your new upcoming classes.
Waiting Anxiously

beachbeadernobx said...

I'm interested in beading, what is the first item I should purchase but not break the bank?

Scentfully Yours said...

I would love to learn how to make sterling silver rings where I can set a gemstone in them... As I've search all over and I'm having no luck on an on-line class...

Kate Richbourg said...

Hi Amy-
Stone setting will be in our metalsmithing series. It is one of my favorite things to do in metal.


make sure that you all are signed up on our newsletter....we will update new classes and new class progress there and here on the blog

Kate Richbourg said...

Hi beachbeadernobx-
It's hard to guess what tools and supplies that you might need when you first start out.

I would say that a basic set of jewelry pliers and check out our free tutorials. Each free tutorial has a list of tools and materials that you will need for the projects.

Watch the free tutorials all of the way through and see if the project is appealing.

You may also want to check out some beading magazines for ideas. Your local bead store or book store should carry them.

Have fun-

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more emphasis on wire working and chain maille. Those areas are more forgiving when you are in the learning mode and tend to be less expensive. Also, I am very interested in soldering tutorials. Any additions you can make in those three areas would be appreciated. Anything that strengthens the "backbone" type of skills. You folks are doing a great job. Thanks!