July 4, 2008

Pictures from the Bead&Button Show

Well, I am finally getting around to posting a few pictures from the show. We had an amazing time. I taught 7 classes (wheeeew) and we had a double booth. I had Colin Mahler (who also taught at the show) and Kriss Silva (awesome wire/metal instructor) manning my booth. The booth worked great, despite the fact that we were staring at, and crowded by, a big ol pillar across the isle.

Classes went great. Man, I am continually blown away by the amount of talented students that show up to this show...they have a lot to teach me!

I have taught at this show for about 7 years and although the weather is sometimes a little yucky, it has never been horrible. UNTIL THIS YEAR! In my ShaBangles class we were told that there were Tornado warnings and we shouldn't leave the building. 10 minutes later, we were told to not leave our classroom. Then a few minutes after that they "suggested" that we evacuate into the service corridor in the guts of the building....I guess Mother Nature was really getting serious. About 1/2 of the students stayed in the classroom....me, I grabbed my purse, hollered "peace out" and got the heck right out of there. I can take a rockin' earthquake, but a Tornado...no!

Life in the service corridor was interesting. It was sparse at first and promptly filled with folks. There were lines and lines of stocked bars and loads of people who could not touch them (awful tease). Here is a picture of my beautiful student Maria. Let me tell you why I like Maria so much. One always wonders what one will grab and take with them when asked to spontaneously evacuate. Maria chose wisely....her pliers, her bracelet, her purse and most crucially, her bag of M&Ms (on her lap). What more do ya need??? Maria, I like your style!

The Bead&Button Show is always an exhausting week filled with 10-12 hour days of hard work but there are so many good friend to catch up with. Here is a pic of our night out to a very hip bar for Lindsay's birthday with the rest of the Fusion Beads girls and the lovely folks from Green Girl.

Because the booth was SO surprisingly packed, I only had about 2 hours to ditch and go fool around. I spent WAAAAAAAY too much money (not a single regret) at Gary Wilson's booth. I met the fabulous Cathy from Glass Garden Beads and fell in love with her bottle cap beads. I got a few Guinness and Sierra Nevada ones for my husband.
It's always great to see and catch up with Beth from Jess Imports who I caught sneaking in just one bite during the show (sorry for posting this picture Beth, it is just so awesome!).

On the flight home, Colin worked on jewelry proof that you can bring your pliers on the airplane. Kriss wasn't so interested in working, we wore her out. GOOD TIMES....see you next year!

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Redhaired Beader said...

Hi Lisa,
It was really great to view the blog tonight and see pictures of people I used to know. I moved from Seattle to Anchorage last fall & miss my local haunts. Fusion Beads & The Bead Factory.
I took many classes from Kriss Sylva & a few from you. There are no great bead stores in Anchorage so I feel like withdrawals.
Thanks for sharing the pictures & I will be taking some of the classes online to keep in touch.
Thanks again,
Sara Craig (formerly Mazurek)