May 6, 2008

Felting...that's a wrap!

We just finished shooting with the lovely Gail Crosman Moore.
She came all the way out from Massachusetts to shoot some felting classes with us. I knew nothing about felting before this shoot and now I can't wait to sit down and felt felt's SO COOL!

We shot a FREE class on making a simple felted bead. Then we buckled down and shot an earring class and a class on making a felted treasure pouch.

These classes are in line to be edited. We will let ya know when they are ready.


Lisa Crone said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your site and with your wonderful ideas for providing in-home courses for people. It's so great to see crafty people taking their ideas and turning them into successful businesses. This is a great site that I am telling all my crafty friends about.

Christina J. said...

This looks like a fun project - something different! I'll be watching for it to be added to your site.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I CANNOT WAIT!!! TO SEE THESE-- YOU ALL, here at Beaducation, HAVE THE BEST OF THE BEST!--LET US KNOW WHEN THESE ARE READY! WHOO HOO! :) Yay for Gail and for YOU! jean yates

Anonymous said...

This is really cool. Felting is so GROOVIE!! I have made felt beads, felted soap, felt purses and book covers. I'm looking for some spare time so I can attempt some NANO scarves. I also make felted dog leashes and toys. Its such a neat medium. Nice to see others get jazzed about it! Good on ya Lisa!!
BTW: I absoultely love your classes. I just took advantage of your sale and bought some more. You and everyone at Beaducation have taken a good idea and made it GREAT! I am learning new stuff and I L*O*V*E that!