March 5, 2008

Finished Hooked On Wire project....maybe

Ok, I have finally finished my project and I love it....although I think I might want to change a few things. The links are not meant to look like fish. Actually I hate fish (unless they are sliced up raw and wrapped in seaweed and rice), so I am kinda obsessing on that. I am also thinking of doing some more work in the center of the middle unit, maybe weaving in a third wire or a larger bead. Hummm, I am gonna sit with it for a while. This piece looks easy but it is quite a challenge and it uses some pretty cool weaving techniques, especially when linking the links together. It's one of those project that needs to be fully planned and drawn out before beginning construction.

3/16/08 UPDATE....more thought on my Hooked On Wire design...having trouble deciding...having trouble sleeping. More here at my blog.


amom said...

I kind of like the idea of sharper diamond shapes, closer to what you had in your original design on paper from a few posts back. Maybe the sides of the diamonds could be curved inwards slightly, if that makes sense? I like the idea of something more in the center of the middle unit, as you suggest.

beadwhimsical said...

I love this. My first thought was to make the shape rounder to make it look a little more like a fish Sorry know you hate that Lisa