February 16, 2008

Hooked On Wire project

It's Saturday and I am here at the studio trying to complete my Hooked On Wire project. Do ya know about Hooked On Wire? It is a retreat that my friend Susan Kazarian (owner of The Beading Frenzy) and I put on. Myself, Barb Switzer and Dallas Lovett teach the day classes and we have other guest instructors teach in the evening.
My sample is due on Friday so I figured I better come in this weekend and complete it (my husband has taken the kids to the horse races!). I have 4 designs swimming in my head and 3 pages of sketches in front of me. Time to get THE design out of my head and into wire. Sometimes this is a seamless beautiful process, sometimes it is a nightmare! Dallas has finished his project (of course....over achiever!) and Barb is perfecting hers. Details for dates and projects will be up on the site soon. As I progress in my design I will post some pictures here......wish me luck!

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